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5 Plant-Based Beauty Brands Right Here in Vancouver

Because faces love plants too.

March 27, 2018

By Allie Turner

Eventide Botanic Alchemy Reader's Digest Best Health.png

Natural Beauty Brands You Had No Idea Were Canadian

With products free of fillers and irritating chemicals, these Canadian brands focus on extracting the skin-loving goodness out of plant-based ingredients. And with the quest to offer natural alternatives, you have lots of choice, from hair conditioner and face toner to lipstick and eye-shadow primer.

By Andrea Karr


The Solve Everything Mask by Eventide

May 8, 2017

Review excerpt– the results for me were amazing! redness and swelling around my breakouts was immediately reduced and my skin felt amazingly soft, even softer than when i use cloth masks!  i love that it’s an all natural, local brand and developed by an esthetician who uses it on her clients!