Our Story


How it all started

Eventide Botanic Alchemy founder Kathryn Sawers had products formulated for her boutique facial clinic Collective Skin Care. When her clients and friends were asking her for more, she knew it was time to make them available to a wider audience.

Her 17 years of experience working with world class brands has given Kathryn a refined understanding of what the skin needs. She brings this know-how along with a minimalist aesthetic, and a desire to harness the powerful healing and nurturing benefits of plants, to the design of every Eventide Botanic Alchemy formula.

What I love most about Eventide is the products are sensory … experiential if you will. They are not only functional, but pleasurable to use. I also love that I can suggest these products without hesitation because they are full of pure, concentrated plant-based ingredients that leave the skin noticeably refreshed and revitalized.
— Kathryn Sawers, Founder


Our brand is inspired by the natural cycles and rhythms of nature. As the moon has its cycle, and the tides ebb and flow, so our skin sheds away and begins anew every 21 days.

We believe the daily ritual of caring for the skin is one of life's great pleasures, and we provide beautiful, all natural and effective skincare to enhance that experience.

Our Commitments

We work with all-natural ingredients that support and nurture healthy skin. Our products are free from artificial dyes, fragrance, irritants, comedogenic ingredients, sulphates and parabens. We do not test on animals.

Earth Friendly Practices

We use high quality plant-based ingredients that are sourced ethically with minimal packaging made from recycled materials whenever possible.